Ignoring Aisa

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Questions and Answers: To Stories Ignored

Question: Why did the United States Congress vote to allow the transfer of nuclear technology to India when they have developed nuclear capabilities without ever being a signatory to any of the known treaties?

Answer: Maybe it was because President Bush so desperate for any foreign policy success that members of both parties felt sorry for the fake cowboy and voted for it. Or, was it because these fools hope some day they'll nuke Pakistan.

Question: Your the U.S military and you want to redeploy your troops to: What you believe to be a better defensive position in Korea. How do you handle this delicate situation with the South Korean government?

Answer: If your Donald Rumsfeld you just don't bother. After all who are the South Koreans anyway? Just because it's their country and they are the ones most effected both in terms of economics , land and overall country security.

Question: So, your a farmer near Camp Humphrey's which will more than double in size thanks to this redeployment and you are just one happy camper right?

Answer: Wrong. Because they Korean wants to appease the U.S. government they announce with warning that all the land needed to increase the capabilities and infrastructure of Camp Humphrey's the land will be taken through eminent domain and of course the price offered is no where near its market value thanks to the redeployment of those troop's.

Question: How many people in the U.S. know that their government is currently negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea?

Answer: A number so small that it can't be seen with the naked eye. If this deal goes through it will probably end Korean rice farming because they will be forced to import subsidized rice from the United States. That's right I said Subsidized Rice which will be cheaper than any local product thanks to those U.S. Government Subsidies.

Wasn't that fun learning about these important stories which the American mainstream press always chooses to ignore.